Gone to the Dogzz Apprentice Program......... Learn How to Groom All Breeds!

Curriculum Outline and Expense Detail Note you will be training in a live working grooming shop! Cats will also be available for grooming training!

12 week course in pet grooming $500.00 Supplies $100.00. Have financing problems? Give me a call we will find a way!

Week 1 Basics
Breed Identification and Familiarization
Equipment Review and Maintenance Instruction
Bathing and drying

Week 2 Foundations
Basic Bathing and drying of all breeds
All necessary extras included in the haircut service (nails, ears, etc.)

Week 3 Clipper Use
Body work and blending
Combout and Blowout techniques on Coated Breeds

Week 4 Basic Terrier Clips

Week 5 Basic Sporting Clips

Week 6 Basic Single coated/curly clips
(Poodles, Bichons, Etc.)

Week 7 Improving technique and defining problem areas

Week 8-12 Fulfill all breed trim requirements

Final Exam (practical and written)
Course Outline Subject to change.

To complete successfully the student should have 20 grooms completed solo by course end.

Your Apprentice Dog Grooming Training As A Pet Groomer!
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